Lack of reported sexual assaults on Penn State’s campus raises questions

Story here. Excerpt:

'Four weeks into the fall semester, Penn State has had one sexual assault reported.

Around this time last fall, there were already five sexual assaults reported between Aug. 30 and Sept. 10 , 2016. This time in Fall 2015, there were already three sexual assaults reported via the University Park Timely Warnings.

There were a total of 62 reported sexual assaults by the end of 2015, according to a previous article by The Daily Collegian.

The year with the lowest amount of reported sexual assaults was 2013, with just 28 overall.'

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... it all makes sense, in a way. "Sexual assault" as defined by feminists is heterosexual sex. In their world, society is patriarchal, oppressive to women, and misogynistic. That being the case, sex between the sexes is coerced on the man's part. Thus it's rape.

What makes the author suspicious is of course that no one but feminists think heterosexual sex is rape but college kids as everyone knows love to fuck each other and indeed, str8 college kids fuck across the gender divide. Hence SOMETHING must be up.

Actually the reasoning is sound but the premises are faulty. Syllogistically, the conclusion follows from the premises. Problem is, the premises are wrong.

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