University Investigates Title IX Coordinator For Questioning Controversial Campus Rape Statistic

Article here. Excerpt:

'Fordham University has launched an investigation into one of its Title IX coordinators after he screened a Prager University educational video that called into doubt the controversial “1-in-5” campus rape statistic.

Dean of Students and deputy Title IX coordinator Christopher Rodgers is under university investigation after the video he played before a sexual assault training session reportedly left a number of resident assistants in tears.
Contrary to the popular statistic, more comprehensive data from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that only 1 in 52.6 college women are victims of rape and sexual assault over a period of four years.
Responding do these complaints, PragerU Communications Director Jared Sichel told The College Fix Tuesday that “given the current climate on so many campuses, we’re not shocked that a calm, rational video, based entirely on logic and statistics caused a number of RA s to break down into tears, as many news reports described.”

He added that it was “disturbing” that Rodgers was being investigated for showing the video simply because it wasn’t in “lockstep with the narrative of Fordham’s administrators.”'

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Stalin put many people in front of firing squads. But one way to get on the express train to execution was to be a commissar who ever questioned Stalin's opinions or decisions. There is a price for selling your soul for a title and a cushy highly-paid job. It's your integrity, among other things.

Title IX coordinators, even deans, take heed: Don't question The Party. Don't.

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