Hillary Says Women Who Voted Against Her Caved To Pressure From Fathers, Husbands

Article here. Excerpt:

'Hillary Clinton has an explanation for why women — white women, in particular — voted against her last November: they caved in to pressure from their husbands, fathers, boyfriends and male bosses.

Clinton made the excuse during an interview with NPR’s Rachel Martin during a promotional tour of her book, “What Happened.”

In the interview, Clinton was asked why, given that she was the first female presidential candidate, she fared worse than expected among female voters.

In typical Clinton fashion, she deflected the blame, suggesting that women who voted against her were somehow manipulated by men in their lives. She also claimed that “sexism” from supporters of Bernie Sanders might have played a part in her poor showing among female voters.'

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This is you brain. This is your brain on feminism. Any questions?

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Hillary Clinton demonstrates 'alternate nostril breathing' during CNN interview

Actually, she is right about this. Alternate nostril breathing has been clinically shown (in some studies, but admittedly, others have found nothing) to have a very calming effect on the mind and to help reduce depression, anxious states, etc.

Talking about it on national news makes you look kind of loopy, however. Still, I am glad someone mentioned it to a wide audience. Like mentioning meditation as a stress-reducer.

She's still bat$hit crazy, however. But give the Devil her due.

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This is so insulting!!...Does she really think that women are so weak that they let others pressure them into not voting for themselves??

I know plenty of couples, my husband and I included, who have each supported opposing candidates. It's no big deal. Besides we often vote at different times and places from each other.

I can't remember who said it, but I like this quote:"Hillary Clinton is the OJ Simpson of politicians. She is out there looking for the real reason she lost the election"

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