Women's Group to Hold "Men's Conference"

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Women's Foundation of Minnesota is sponsoring a national conference. For men.

The foundation is lead sponsor this week of "The Many Faces of Manhood," a conference in Bloomington organized by A Call to Men that will explore "healthy, respectful manhood in athletics, education, incarceration, fatherhood, faith communities and issues of gender."

Founded in 1983, the Women's Foundation is the oldest and largest statewide women's foundation in the nation dedicated to growing equality for women and girls. Six years ago, it opened its governing board to men after deciding that ensuring opportunity, safety and leadership for girls and women required both sexes at the table.

Throwing their weight behind a conference for men is another step in that direction, said Mary Beth Hanson, the foundation's vice president of external relations.

"To end violence and guarantee safety for girls and women, we have to meaningfully engage boys and men as partners and leaders in the movement," she said.'

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The Nat'l Geographic equivalent would be...

... hyenas holding a conference for lions.

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Men's conferences OK, so long as they are directed by women

Imagine this a women's conference that was organized and guided by men to tell women what they are doing wrong :)

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This has to be the defining event for femsplaining. Feminists lecturing on how to be a man. OMG

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