DeVos says she'll rescind Obama's Title IX sexual assault guidelines

Article here. Excerpt:

'Education Secretary Betsy DeVos intends to revoke former President Obama's 2011 guidelines for schools investigating campus sexual misconduct, she told CBS News' Jan Crawford in an exclusive interview Thursday.

Noting that DeVos, in a speech just before the interview, had announced the Trump administration would revise the current policy but did not say that she planned to rescind the 2011 directive, Crawford asked the Education secretary, "Are you today rescinding the Obama administration guidelines?"

"Well, that's the intention, and we've begun the process to do so," DeVos responded. "And as I've said earlier, in all of this discussion, it really is a process not an event." She reiterated, "But it is the intention to move beyond that and move towards a better way."'

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Just came to post this article. Finally some good news.

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I had never heard of Devos until Trump picked her for educational secretary. She's for educational choices, supports homeschooling, and is willing to dismantle the power hungry US Department of Education, so for that I like her. Now she seems to be wanting to restore due process and she took the time to listen to falsely accused men and understands the need for judicial balance. I say GO BETSY!!!

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