Twitter as the battleground over "manspreading"

Article here. Excerpt:

'A woman has taken to social media to take up the 'fight' to 'manspreading' by posting an image claiming a man is taking up too much of the seat.

The Sydney woman posted the image to Twitter accusing the man of hogging the two-person seat on a bus on Tuesday afternoon.

She claims she can 'barely fit' on the seat and nearly falls off every time the vehicle turns.'

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... is with the subway car, train, and bus designers. The seats are simply too small. I hate to break the news but Americans, Canadians, British, Brazilians, French, etc. ... we're all either PORKY not-so-little PIGLET-PEOPLE or on our way to getting there. Our ARSES are increasingly WIDE, EXPANSIVE, and we are increasingly JUST PLAIN LARD-ASSED.

Well the conveyance manufacturers are not succeeding in helping us get UN-LARD-ASSED any time soon. And I hasten to point out that it's simply a fact of human evolution that adult males are on average larger than adult females. I also would like to point out that I have personally witnessed more than one woman occupy two (or more) subway seats JUST WITH HER ASS, not talking about purses or shopping.

But feminists are h@ving too much fun shitting on men with their MANSPREADING bullshit to actually notice the reality of our collective circumstances much less do something that'll be of benefit to everyone -- like organizing public action to get conveyance designers to get with reality.

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I don't know how many times I've boarded trains (mainly in Japan) where I've seen women using the seat next to them for their bags, rather that set the bags on their laps or on the floor. I rarely saw men do that. I suspect that part of it is her not wanting to have a MAN sit next to her (ewwww!), so she feels entitled to take up a seat with her bags. But I've never heard anyone make an issue of that.

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