Australian Defense Force: Intelligence Analyst (female opportunity)

Link here. Excerpt:

'As an Intelligence Analyst (also known as Analyst Intelligence Operations), you will be part of a team that provides your commanders with critical information, while enjoying:

a good salary plus generous superannuation
ongoing investment in your personal and career development
free medical and dental
job security and a good work/life balance
rewarding work and world-class training
subsidised accommodation
a supportive team environment
travel and leave entitlements
free access to sports and fitness facilities
friendships that last a lifetime
Click on the APPLY FOR THIS JOB button to submit your application. Females are encouraged to apply.'

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Everyone knows that military intel is always analyzed best by a woman. In fact, the best male intel analyst comes in a distant second to the world's worst female intel analyst. This is why you're always better off hiring any given woman to do this kind of job over any given man.


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Women are also better at leading, better at STEM, and are better at sports, despite the vast majority of them being far less interested in these things than most men. Additionally, women are physically stronger than men too, except when they have to compete against men, or are victims of male violence.

Just thought I would add on a few more interesting "truths" from the fem brigade.

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. . . any man who wants to apply for this job should still apply, and report this blatant sexism to the human rights commission or whatever the equivalent is in Australia.

Actually, that just gave me an idea. Maybe what we ought to start doing is coordinate a mass application to every job, and contest that's female only. MRAs could apply over and over and over and over and over again until the places offering female-only positions and goodies are so inundated with applications from men that they are unable to effectively find female applicants in all the mess. Then repeat, repeat, repeat until they cave in and make the position gender neutral. :) Not the worst idea I ever had.

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