Houston Rescuers Prove the Lie of ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Article here. Excerpt:

'Men. We are just the worst, with our toxic masculinity and patriarchal privilege. We are the source of literally all of the world’s problems, from war, income inequality, and “rape culture” to the misogynistic microaggressions of “mansplaining” and “manspreading.” If we are ever to create a nonviolent, truly gender-equal world, we must rip away the false, culturally constructed façade of masculinity. We must free ourselves from the strictures of macho posturing, embrace vulnerability, and redefine what it means to be strong.

That is the message being promoted incessantly today from celebrities like John Legend to the halls of academia to media outlets such as Slate, Salon, and HuffPost. Seemingly overnight, our culture has unquestioningly embraced the term “toxic masculinity.” Male nature itself is the problem, we are told, and the solution is the deconstruction of our understanding of what it means to be a man. But photos and news reports coming out of the devastation wreaked in Texas by Hurricane Harvey are putting the lie to this subversive idea.

Some will (and did) complain that such reports were not examples of toxic masculinity. Of course not — that is the point. These stories and photos in the news media depicted the true chivalric nature of masculinity: men acting upon their natural responsibility as protectors, stepping up, at risk to their own lives, to help those unable to help themselves. It is this aspect of manhood for which men are never given credit by those deconstructionists in the culture and in academia who view masculinity as an obstacle to their agenda. Misandrist activists and intellectuals never acknowledge that there are positive aspects to masculine strength or that women want traditionally masculine men.'

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Natural selection is a blunt instrument with the subtlety of a brick upside the head. If a terran animal is suddenly swept away by millions of gallons of rainwater, assuming it does not have gills along with air-using lungs, unless it can swim really well and is strong enough, it will very likely drown. That's the brute force of natural selection at work. Sadly, far too many humans and animals evolved for life on dry land have paid for this truth with their lives in this disaster.

Man has evolved via this exact same ruthless force to be what it is: a race of really intelligent nearly-hairless primates that are intensely social and highly cooperative. Only by our brains and cooperative social nature do we generally outfox the typical daily natural forces that used to pick us off one by one or at times in bulk, as with plagues. Danger from predatory animals was mitigated long ago by our banding together and smarts enough to learn how to make fire and further notice that fire scared almost every animal we threw it at.

If thoroughly and typically masculine behavior such as rescuing our fellow humans from dangerous situations, taking mortal risks at times to do so, and h@ving the physical and mental strength to do so were not evolutionarily adaptive traits attractive to mate-seeking women and admired and supported by other men, selection via socialization would have processed out such traits a long time ago, the same way humans with frighteningly low IQs were selected out long ago (and by "low" I mean really low: like IQs of 40 and less).

Feminism and the SJW "toxic masculinity" school are counter-evolutionary ideas. Thus they are going to create their own destruction by the nature of their own Darwinistic undesirability. Weak, self-hating men are of little use to themselves or others. Feminism produces such men. Such men are deeply undesirable to women and eventually destroy themselves, sadly, via self-loathing. The seeds of their own destruction/failure lay inside them, planted by vile feminism. Ultimately feminism is self-destructive bc it produces women that men do not desire and so do not reproduce with but further, it helps create men who are of little value to women in terms of enabling them to survive, much less thrive. And as history and indeed the present shows, w/out men, women freeze and starve to death. Drowning isn't out of the question, either.

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