The abuse of rape laws is far too rampant in India

Article here. Excerpt:

'Rape is a heinous crime and every person held guilty must be punished in accordance with law, but how far does the law protect an innocent accused of rape? According to National Crime Records Bureau data, offenders in cases of rape were known to the victims in around 95.5 per cent cases. Thus, it will not be incorrect to say, that in a large number of cases, the offender and the victim were known to each other and, perhaps, during a possible love affair, they may have made numerous promises, with intentions of fulfilling these promises. A number of cases are registered where the complainant alleges that rape has been committed on a false promise of marriage.

Many of these cases are filed after a considerable delay and usually after seeking legal advice, wherein acting upon such advice, a strong case is registered. A serious case is made out where it is alleged that ‘repeated rape’ has been committed over the period of the love affair. Thereafter, a FIR is registered on the basis of these complaints, which is followed by a medical examination of the victim and the arrest of the offender.  However, the law must ensure the protection of the accused and that he is not put through undue hardship when a false complaint of alleged rape is made out of vendetta and to settle old scores.'

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