Paris Has a New Taxi Service That’s Only For Women

Article here. Excerpt:

'Even though women make up about 60 percent of taxi passengers around the world, that number does is not mirrored in the front seat.

According to one study, 86 percent of Uber drivers are male. And another estimates that 98 percent of taxi drivers in the U.K. are male. In an effort to counteract industry trends, a new women-only taxi service has started operations in Paris.

Women Drive promises women in Paris transportation “without prying eyes or indelicate questions.”

The company’s founder, Sarra Boubchir,told Le Figaro that Women Drive’s goal is “to prove that transporting people is not a job reserved for men, and that women have the right to be transported in complete peace.”

In addition to a female driver, each car ride comes with water bottles, makeup kits, and computer tablets in the back seat.'

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Because everyone knows taxi drivers are, categorically, creepy pervs. In fact it's a job req't. And taxi drivers have no fear at all of being complained about to their employer, police, etc. And they just love to yammer at passengers, and vice versa.

Yep, those nasty male cabbies.

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There aren't that many female taxi drivers because it is not a particularly glamorous or sought-after job, and for women working is almost always just an option, others including being supported by a husband, being supported by the government, staying in school ("job readiness" training) forever, etc.

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Here, Australia has jobs for women who want to be drivers:

Driver (female opportunity)

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