Someone Photoshopped a viral Hurricane Harvey photo to make point about feminism

Article here. Excerpt:

'Someone swapped the two heads to make a point about feminism. The edited image shows a woman carrying a man instead.

Many have tweeted the picture with the original caption: ‘When Hollywood makes the “Hurricane Harvey” movie…’
The images, taken all across the state, show rescuers giving victims piggybacks and residents using swimming pool inflatables to save others.'

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... who keep you from freezing and starving to death."

True on a farm and in the midst of natural disasters, too. Look at those photographs. Who is doing the rescuing, taking the risks, saving the lives? Men. Who is getting saved? Women and children.

Who will go back to being denigrated, hated on, diminished, taunted, and simply despised by the people who were rescued in a couple weeks (or less)? The men in the photographs.

Why any of us bother doing anything for modern women, dunno. Old habits die hard I guess. Let's do an experiment. The next natural disaster, men don't lift a finger to rescue anyone. Respect for men would increase dramatically if we all just went on strike for a few days. You can't really appreciate something until you don't have it.

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as expected (never happen), that would trigger the marxists (feminists) to start another shaming campaign, assisted by the power of modern journalism, if it can still be called journalism. yellow journalism is what they called it in days of yore when they forgot their duty to the citizenry.

its no accident these groups (marxists, feminists, journalists, affirmative action free stuff recipients, title ix free stuffers, perpetual victim's groups, sharia law proponents, open border proponents, etc.) identify w/ the dems.

following the principles of alinski breeds strange bedfellows indeed.

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"Survivor" put two groups of ppl, one all men, the other all women, on two different islands to see what would happen.  The results are telling.

This one's good, too.  A woman poses as a man for a long time and finds out a few things the hard way:

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