Canada: Lopsided coverage of sexual assault case conceals parties' true roles

Article here. Excerpt:

'Leslie Nyznik, Sameer Kara and Joshua Cabero: Taken together, the names have a nice multicultural ring to them, as befits a police force in a country committed to the belief that diversity is our strength.

Cultural diversity, however, was not the strength behind the Aug. 9 acquittal of these Toronto police officers, who had been charged with sexually assaulting a junior colleague on the night of Jan. 16, 2015. Hotel security video cameras were their strength. Without video footage that countered key pieces of testimony by the complainant, known as AB, it is highly likely that Nyznik, Kara and Cabero would be facing prison terms of five to 10 years.

The fateful off-duty evening began with a “Rookie Buy Night” celebration in the downtown hotel where the officers had taken a room for the night, moved on to various bars and a strip club, and ended with AB and the three men in their room, where various sexual acts took place. AB claimed she was sexually assaulted by all three, and Nyznik, the only officer to take the stand, insisted sex with all was consensual.'

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