India: Rape charges on constable after he breaks the promise of marriage

Article here. Excerpt:

'Police constable facing rape charges after he breaks the promise of marriage. 8 years love story of a techie and a police constable has taken a sad turn as the girl lodged a complaint against her boyfriend alleging him of physical abuse with a false promise of marriage. The police constable is facing the charges of rape and cheating.

K Nagarjuna (27) a native of Kornepadu village under Vatticherukuru mandal in Guntur district. The girl also belonged to the same village and both have become friends around 8 years ago. They became closer to each other and even planned to get married according to the complaint lodged by the girl.

She alleged in her complaint that Nagarjuna promised to marry her and abused physically till a year ago. Suddenly he dumped and avoiding even to speak to her since one year. She also alleged that he is trying to get married to another girl. After several attempts in vain to convince him for marriage, she finally lodged a complaint with the police on Wednesday.'

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Story was submitted via email. Submitter wrote:

"Section 376 (rape section) of Indian Penal Court classifies "consensual sex" as rape if consent has been obtained by promising marriage or job.

More than 70% of rape cases are against boyfriends in India when he refuses to marry his girlfriend. The victim can throw rape charges on boyfriend by stating that he promised to marry her. This way a boyfriend can be forced by his partner to get married to her forcibly.

Interestingly if a girl refuses to marry her boyfriend, it can not be termed as RAPE."

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