UK: Drunk recruitment boss, 50, launched vicious wine glass attack outside pub 'to teach young men a lesson'

Article here. Sounds to me like the lesson she wanted to teach them was being male in the presence of drunk women is hazardous for their health. Excerpt:

'A recruitment boss launched a vicious attack on two men armed with a broken wine glass 'to teach them a lesson'.

Lynn Tonks, 50, had been well-regarded by colleagues at Blue Arrow Recruitment in Bristol and was known for her charity work.
Bristol Crown Court heard how she was drunk at the New Moon pub when she decided a man who was with two friends had given her a 'dirty look'.

First she walked up to Simon Dove and slapped him hard in the face, a jury heard.

The men remonstrated with her but then decided to leave.

Jurors were told how Tonks was then seen to drain her glass of wine on the floor and put it in her jacket pocket.

Outside the pub, witnesses described how she held the glass as she delivered a “roundhouse” blow to the face of Ashley Williams.

After the case, Detective Constable Haley Matthews said: “The fact Tonks was intoxicated was no excuse for the level of violence she used against her victims.

“In using a glass as a weapon, she not only inflicted significant injuries but she also left her victims with permanent scars, which they now have to live with every day.'

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I'm baffled how the author of this piece can end on the note he does. It's almost as if the last 3 paragraphs were dictated by his editor.

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