Article asserts job loss among men is "OK"

Article here. Excerpt:

'ROBOTS ARE COMING for our jobs—but not all of our jobs. They’re coming, in ever increasing numbers, for a certain kind of work. For farm and factory labor. For construction. For haulage. In other words, blue-collar jobs traditionally done by men.

This is why automation is so much more than an economic problem. It is a cultural problem, an identity problem, and—critically—a gender problem. Millions of men around the world are staring into the lacquered teeth of obsolescence, terrified of losing not only their security but also their source of meaning and dignity in a world that tells them that if they’re not rich, they’d better be doing something quintessentially manly for money. Otherwise they’re about as much use as a wooden coach-and-four on the freeway.

There’s hope for mankind, but it’ll be a hard sell. The way we respond to automation will depend very much on what we decide it means to be a man, or a woman, in the awkward adolescence of the 21st century.'

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... men are the problem, not automation. OK.

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Without men engaged in productive labour, there will be no tax-base or justification for women's predominant fields of employment in make-work bloated government bureaucracies and HR departments.

Besides, men relieved of supporting women need very little to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

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Ever hear of "child-free"? It's a diff way to say you have no kids. "Childless" makes it sound like you are lacking something. But children, while a source of great joy to many, are also very expensive and create a burden on those who have them. Once easily-shouldered, now kids in the first world have become nothing but expensive luxuries.

Not much unlike women. They are expensive luxuries but by and large do not generate as much joy as do children. But both generate bills. MGTOW isn't necessarily about being woman-free. It simply means that a man has chosen to keep women a relatively low priority in life vs. making them the primary concern of it. But to live woman-free means to choose deliberately to keep women out of one's private life. Whether a given man is better off for it depends on the man and his situation. One thing's for sure though: it's a lot less expensive a life.

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