NPR calls fake rape accuser Emma Sulkowicz a ‘survivor,’ hides that she is ‘Mattress Girl’

Article here. Excerpt:

'National Public Radio isn’t interested in fair reporting when it comes to sexual assault.

That’s made plain by a segment on the “restorative justice” approach to campus sexual assault that aired Tuesday afternoon on All Things Considered, which bafflingly deprived its audience the most newsworthy trait of one of its interviewees.

Reporter Tovia Smith quotes as a “survivor” the Columbia University graduate Emma Sulkowicz, who lost her rape case against fellow student Paul Nungesser in a campus adjudication based on the extremely low “more likely than not” evidence standard.

Sulkowicz and her activist friends harassed Nungesser, a foreign student, for years through her “Carry that Weight” art project, in which she pledged to lug a mattress around campus until Columbia punished Nungesser, whom it had explicitly exonerated of any wrongdoing.

She lugged the mattress right on the graduation stage in explicit violation of Columbia graduation protocol and received academic credit for the project – factors that certainly played into Columbia’s recent payoff of Nungesser to drop his gender-discrimination lawsuit against the school.'

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