When the Most Destructive Words a Boy Can Hear Are 'Be a Man'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Any woman could tell you that a good man is hard to find. Some men don't measure up to what a woman wants them to be. Some are coarse, profane, mean and other bad things.

But most men are none of those things, and even bad apples in the right hands can become an appetizing applesauce. Besides, as almost any woman would ask, where's the alternative?

Nevertheless, there's a growing campaign on the left to denigrate men and something called "toxic masculinity" that is cited as a menace to women, the republic, mankind and all the ships at sea. A growing number of colleges and universities, which lately have become a source of a lot of toxic things themselves, are force-feeding young men the radical-feminist nonsense that "masculinity" is at the root of everything bad.'

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... when measured by some people's standards. After all, for certain people, such a man is:

1. Strong, physically and emotionally
2. Vulnerable, emotionally especially, and especially to her
3. Generous and not stingy with money, esp. when it comes to her
4. Financially well-off, without bad spending habits
5. Kind
6. Tough
7. Charitable
8. Lovingly possessive
9. Not prone to jealousy or possessiveness
10. Protective
11. Assertive, when necessary (by her standards), aggressive
12. Sexually responsive and available
13. Not too demanding or insistent sexually nor easily distracted by sex
14. A sensitive lover
15. An ardent and insistent lover, to make her feel *wanted*
... and the nearly endless list goes on.

See the point here?

With that sort of list, of course good men are hard to find.

This is why the typical man, I will suggest, should simply walk away from feminine judgments of him and men in general, and a fair number of other things. Not that their opinions as such are unimportant. They are -- to them -- and that is fine. But if you make your own sense of worthwhileness contingent on someone else's idea of what that is, you will never win, esp. when dealing with feminine lists for what they want in a man, or more typically, from him.

In the past, female dependence on male largesse at least encouraged the griping and whining machine to take a rest. It also reminded them that indeed, "men are the people who keep you from freezing and starving to death". That was true back then and as near as I can tell, is true today and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. But it has become fashionable to ignore this fact and gallop forth with an endless litany of complaints, up to and including an indictment of the very state of being male. *Shake my head*.

This is why to me, MGTOW is the only path that the modern era offers men that will keep them away from the oppressive judgmentality and endless expectations that emanate so predictably from womankind generally. I know a fair number of married men and men in LTRs with women. None of them are what I'd call happy. They mostly seem exhausted and in a more or less constant state of stress. If one is to give up so many of one's personal freedoms so thoroughly in the name of h@ving an LTR of God help you, replicating, why would he (or she for that matter) do so for a rel'p that brings stress and exhaustion? Seems to me, getting into a rel'p that limits a person in many ways but expands their freedoms and opportunities in so few is a net loss.

Only way I could see it being worthwhile is if there is a real gain to be had, not a net loss. Polyamourous rel'ps, maybe. But even in that instance, finding a woman also ready to foot her share of expenses in a truly equitable way is a tall order.

Why men get married these days... I still have no idea.

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