Princeton’s new ‘men’s engagement manager’ to combat aggressive masculinity on campus

Article here. Excerpt:

'Are young men at Princeton University violent, aggressive, hyper-masculine, stalkers, or rapists?

A new position at the Ivy League institution indicates campus officials apparently think enough of its male students grapple with such problems that it warrants hiring a certified clinician dedicated to combating them.

The university is in the process of hiring an “Interpersonal Violence Clinician and Men’s Engagement Manager” who will work with a campus office called SHARE that’s dedicated to “survivors” of sexual harassment, assault, dating violence and stalking.
The men’s manager will also launch initiatives to challenge “gender stereotypes,” and expand the school’s Men’s Allied Voices for a Respectful and Inclusive Community, a self-described “violence prevention program” at Princeton that often bemoans “toxic masculinity” on its Facebook page.
The job posting implicitly refers to men as perpetrators and women as victims.
The successful candidate must have a masters or doctorate in a field related to social work or women’s studies, it adds.'

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... must be managed, the same way the Bureau of Indian Affairs was set up to manage the population of Indians in the US... right after the US Calvary got done doing it. "Managing" them, I mean.

Well to be fair, no one is herding men together and shooting them like the USC did to the Indians, or marching them hundreds/thousands of miles to live on non-arable land in the middle of nowhere. But the idea here is if not the same, at least in the same spirit: to the US, Indians were a problem to be dealt with. They needed to be moved, isolated, kept out of the way. To that end, not only were military policies established to do so, but an entire federal dept. set up to stay on top of the process of whittling away at the Indian population until eventually, there'd be no identifiable Indians left. This is a task that has made significant progress since 1900. In another 100-200 years, hard to say who will be occupying Indian reservations in the US or even if they will exist as such anymore.

On to college campuses, then... a new office to manage the males. They are a problem to be dealt with. Eventually, sooner vs. later, such an office will exist not just to spot the boys who are doing something(s) wrong behavior-wise, even if in fact they are not, but instead to GUARANTEE no bad things will happen to the girls, at least not by boys. The inevitable solution they will come up with, though not announce: no more boys. Oh, it won't be a public pronouncement. Princeton is a big enough name that it can fill its dorms and lecture halls just fine with female students, no need to worry about tuition flow there... it will instead just be an admission policy matter. The water temp. will be raised slowly over time until the frog is cooked before he knows it. There may in fact be permitted a handful of male students, perhaps day students, allowed on campus, but non-residential.

Keep an eye on the Ivies. Because of their copious endowments (funded largely by men), brand names, etc., they can pick and choose who to let in. Other schools, as much as they may want to throw the boys off campus ASAP, won't be able to. They need their money too much. But the Ivies don't. Keep an eye on them. Watch and wait.

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