Chemical Castration – Not the Best for Children

Article here. Excerpt:

'The American College of Pediatricians (The College) is alarmed by the increasingly prevalent and unscientific trend to treat Gender Identity Disorder (GID) in children as an inborn trait rather than as the treatable psychological condition it is. GID in children is manifest as a strong desire to be the opposite sex, and/or the belief that he or she actually is the opposite sex.

The story of a California physician who prescribed hormone blockers to an 11 year old boy to delay the onset of puberty and allow him more time to “decide” his gender, recently made national headlines. The boy’s lesbian parents now call him Tammy instead of Tommy, and allow him to cross-dress. This is scientifically and ethically disturbing.

Puberty is not a disorder. Psychologically dissociating from your biological gender is. Hormone blocking agents induce a disease state (the absence of puberty) at a critical time in a child’s physical, emotional and mental development. Sex hormones not only trigger the development of secondary sex characteristics, but also influence the development of the adolescent brain. This likely explains why most GID children come to accept their biological gender during adolescence.
Dr. Michelle Cretella, Vice President of the College stated, “Physicians and therapists who embrace HT and SRS for children promote a political agenda not scientific advance. This is obvious once the euphemisms are shed: Chemical castration and the surgical mutilation of children is not ‘therapy.’ It is cold, calculated, institutionalized child abuse at the hands of those charged with healing.”'

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When some kid raised by lesbian parents overcomes his desire to please his two mommies by becoming just like them, he will look at his woefully under-/mis-developed physique and ask, "Why when I was just 12 or 14 did an MD not see what was going on and refuse to 'treat' me?" Then he's gonna get mad. And then, a lawyer. Or two. Or three.

The lawsuits down the road for MDs who f*ck with a kid's normal pubescent development because his two mommies said it was OK for him to not just want to be a girl (just like them) but it was Ok for him to actually try to become one are too juicy to pass up. Any MD who does this kind of thing is just asking for it. If I wrote such a doctor's malpractice insurance, I'd cancel it post-haste.

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