This Women-Only Gym Wants to Create a Female Society

Article here. Excerpt:

'“We want to be a home for every woman—we want to expand from a fitness studio to a female society,” Leanne Shear, founder of the women’s only workout spotUplift Studios, told the Observer. “There’s an interesting confluence of the political landscape and the zeitgeist, women’s progress in general—I think the time is right in a multitude of ways and it’s all converging right now.”

“These conversations in feminism and in politics are really just starting and, for me, it feels exciting to be at the forefront of that and to be able to have this conversation,” Shear told us.
The women’s only workouts mean there are no sweaty men grunting on top of you, desperate to show off how heavy they lift. Instead, there are personal trainers in the small gym outside, and circuit and strength training classes in a small room.
“There is a difference between a hide-out and a safe space,” Shear agreed. She hosts classes outside, but still consider the space focused on reinforcing “safety and strength together and in numbers.” This desire for women’s only spaces has been seen in recent months at the Women’s March, The Wing, New Women Space and music festivals.'

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I've been to many gyms and at no time have I ever seen a sweaty man grunting on top of a woman, proclaiming desperately how he wanted to show her how much he can lift.

In fact despite being around a lot of male weight-lifters, I have yet to see any of them make a point of grunting in the presence of women. But when going for one's personal best on a weight rack, grunting as a physiological tool does in fact help. Admittedly, a sudden silent exhalation of air that increases blood oxygen saturation for just a second during the lift moment would serve just as nicely. But it lacks the psychological benefit that comes of making some kind of noise while doing a heavy lift. In any case, grunting during a heavy lift isn't rooted in creating a social impression. It's rooted more in physiology.

There was once a time when most gyms didn't even allow women to join. After a great deal of effort, 1960s feminists forced gyms to admit women as members. Money talks, and they did so. It took some getting used to, but the great majority of men soon learned that h@ving women in the gym was fine.

Fast forward to today, and the move to re-segregate gyms is coming from women themselves. Fancy that. And a woman-only society? I think these women are referring less to making society in general woman-only (like they could) but instead creating their own society made up of women only whose common interest rests in going to their gym. KA-CHING! There's one born every minute.

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Gotta love the sheer arrogance of women like Shear. No pun intended.

And women who complain about men grunting when they lift should try lifting heavy weights themselves. It's not easy. But I guess when society only demands that you do easy cardio and not much else, it's hard to understand such a concept.

As for complaining about men sweating, look in the dang mirror. Women sweat too. To judge men for that is just plain hypocritical and arrogant.

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You know you're dealing with someone who despises the mere presence of a person or class of persons in the world when they attack them for doing what any person would do/be in a given situation. Hate men? Complain they just "take up too much space", or "sweat when working out", or grunt when lifting heavy objects. It isn't the behavior the complainer is objecting to. It's the very existence of the person/class of people. The behavior is just a proxy complaint since they know they can't quite get away with saying "I hate ______ and wish there were none anywhere!", at least not usually. Though, some feminists have indeed said things like this and while their statements were not lauded in general, they have received sympathy from others of their tribe. No surprise.

This kind of complaint is different from complaints, say about a person's laugh. Some people have laughs that are difficult to hear. They may make a kind of noise when laughing that grates on your ears. That however is not the same as complaining about the fact that they laugh at, say, a funny joke or sit-com. If you complain that you can't stand the noise they make when they laugh, it's a quality of sound issue. Complaining about them laughing at all is an objection to their presence in the world.

I speculate that there are very few places the owners of the subject gym would find good places for them to be in the presence of men. In fact I speculate that if they indeed could create a society without men at all, they would be quite content there. I have the feeling they tend to stay away from men in general. Just a hunch. Which, is fine by me. After all if you in fact simply do not like a certain person or class of people, for whatever reasons, logical or not, you will be happier if you avoid them entirely, and I daresay they will be happier for it, too.

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