WHOA: Even some SJWs think Teen Vogue’s Lauren Duca went too far with man-hating tweet

Article here. Excerpt:

'One of the biggest criticisms of modern-day feminism is the underlying theme of the movement that says men are bad. Sure, plenty of third-wave feminists will deny this or deflect to the patriarchy but ultimately what it boils down to is hating men.

And Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca’s tweet admits it: "Wake me up when men are obsolete."'

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... the technology will exist to render the sexes personally irrelevant to one another. In a broad, general sense, we will still rely on each other as economic agents in society. But soon there will come the opportunity to dispense with each other on a personal level entirely. It'll start of course with men. Sexually capable androids that are 70% passable will be sufficient for most men to decide to exclude actual women from their lives personally. A wonderful thing about androids: they can't get pregnant. But the artificial uterus will one day be invented. Scientists are working on it now. The sex-enabled androids will come first however and I suspect most customers of ectogenic services will not be men but instead, 40-something women. Just a hunch.

In the big picture sense, this is good. MRA issues like false accusations and misandrist police and courts aside, we have a serious population issue. Humanity would do itself well to pare back quite significantly from reproduction. My own take is that 100 million humans are plenty. Eight billion and counting upward fast is not good. Lacking natural predators capable of keeping our numbers down (animals, disease, climatic events all count as "natural predators") because the ingenuity of men has placed humanity collectively at the apex of the planet's animal food chain, we need other means.

Tinfoil hat time, gang. Struck me recently that about the same time 2nd wave feminism surfaced, so did the ZPG (Zero Population Growth) movement. Is it possible that the leaders of these two movements did a Bilderburg Group and made common cause: estrange the sexes, starting with women, from each other for the purpose of reducing the birthrate? It fits pretty well. Striking enmity between the sexes is a great way to put the brakes on childbirth, all without violating the civil rights of people (forced sterilizations, high taxes on kids, etc.). Teach women that motherhood = oppression, with men being the caretakers thereof. To keep women from doing what comes naturally to most (ie, screwing guys), teach them from childhood that men are dangerous, rapacious beasts, not to be trusted, and indeed if you do screw one of them... it was rape. Even if you asked him to do it. Even if you had to talk him into it. He raped you. Next, make it stick. Teach the legal system that sex = rape. Only thing stopping prosecution is "under-reporting". As for civil rights... it's too desperate a situation now. The Plan isn't working. People are still screwing and h@ving kids. The feminist/ZPGers could do their thing in the developed world... but they forgot about everyone else. They keep going, h@ving kids by the truckload.

What to do?

Pardon me whilst I straighten my tinfoil hat a moment.

Modern science. It is the Father of Miracles. (As we all know science is a repressive patriarchal invention, it must be a father. Must be.)

Anyway, the Plan needs tweaking. Men need something to screw and most are not ready to take up banging each other. So androids. That will help. The Plan has at least first world women now frightened and suspicious of men. They have succeeded in dehumanizing us in the eyes of so many people of both sexes. But what of the other half? Men themselves?

Give us something to bang in lieu of human females and ceasing to view them as fellow human beings will become easy. Boys raised banging sex-bots will have no use for actual girls and women. They will not just ignore women, but actively detest them. After all, they are of no use, and they say bad things about men. This will help.

But not enough. The Plan needs a world-wide boost. Sex-bots are expensive. The high earners are not the problem with over-fecundity. It's the third world. How to reduce their headcount while violating their human rights only just enough? My prediction: some brilliant scientist somewhere will invent or discover a substance readily producible that has devastating but gradual effects on human fertility. Whether it targets men or women makes no difference. If it can be manufactured on a grand scale and added to the food and water of a bulk of the human race's supply of same... it accumulates in the bodies of billions. Women birth babies made of flesh already occupied by it. Those people in turn continue ingesting the drug/substance until... like water temperature rising slowly, killing the frog before it can leap out of the bath... by the third generation, over half of all men/women are functionally sterile. Without expensive IVF treatments perhaps, or Herculean sperm collection efforts, for most people, h@ving kids doesn't happen. By the time the people catch on that something is up, half the planet will have died off. By then though, half the planet will still add up to, say, what we have now: 8 billion. But if the developers of the drug/substance are REALLY smart, it will somehow be almost undetectable. People analyzing food and water will come up with only the usual stuff. But entire governments must be in on The Plan. That's the hard part.

But you know, I can get behind this.

After all, short of invading space aliens hunting down humans for fun and profit to the tune of 7.9 billion of us, just how ARE we going to keep the planet from overflowing with humans?

Feminism is a hateful, evil ideology. If it has even one virtue, it is this: It put the brakes on the Baby Machine, at least in the West. That I'd say is its only virtue. But it did so at a terrible price. I prefer the clandestine pharmaceuticals approach a lot more.

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What if the only sex you had was with a robot? You never had sex with an actual human being.

Seems kind of a sad existence. But it seems to be the way the world is going.

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... why so bad? Hard to imagine it but some ppl die virgins at an old age. Less common today than in days past, but it happens.

Going through life banging only androids is much better than dying a frustrated virgin, or worse yet, a victim of a false rape accusation. Would I rather die only h@ving banged life-like sex-bots or do 10 years in jail due to a false rape accusation lodged by a girl who wanted to avoid h@ving to admit to her bf that she'd cheated on him with me?

I'll take f*cking robots any day.

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Just as I said, they've already started!! Arggghhhh!!! :-)


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