Student accused of false rape allegations claims mental illness

Article here. Excerpt:

'The former Sacred Heart University student accused of making up rape allegations against two football players to gain sympathy from a prospective boyfriend filed an application in court Friday contending she was suffering from a psychiatric disability.

It will be up to a judge to decide whether to grant 19-year-old Nikki Yovino a pretrial diversionary program that could result in the charges being dismissed against Yovino at a hearing set for Sept. 8. Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Craig Nowak said he is going to object.

Under the Supervised Diversionary Program, the Long Island resident will undergo a psychological evaluation at Southwest Community Mental Health Center. A report of that evaluation will then be sent to a judge who will determine following a hearing whether Yovino is eligible for the program. If she successfully completes the program the charges against her will be dismissed.'

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in the comments section an overwhelming number of respondents agree that she will walk away to falsely accuse again and again. apparently a woman's past has no bearing on her future ability to file false accusations. there is no list (to follow them for life or deprive them of their rights) of women who are found to have falsely accused innocent men of horrible crimes.

we have officially devolved into a society where one set of people are the victims of another set based solely on their gender.

again, it sounds a lot like some barbaric practice from another century.

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Anyone could start keeping such a list. Just register a web domain, scour the news, and add names and links to the news reports revealing the false accuser. All public domain information.

Here's one:

Not quite the just listing of 100s-1,000s of names that such a thing could be, but at least someone made an attempt at something like that.

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Didn't there used to be a list like that called registHER (or something like that) over at A Voice for Men? Seems like it suddenly disappeared. Anyone know what happened, I thought the keeping of a list was a good MRA tool.

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heard some guys the other day refer to the list (sor) this honorable gov keeps as being 'very easy to get onto and near impossible to get off of'. their words. makes sense tho. for instance, if a man is wrongly convicted of a sex crime and, after a decade or so behind bars, considers confessing to become eligible for consideration for parole, the confession auto-involves being put on that 'list mostly for men'. in the past, women have not been required to destroy their lives by getting on that list. even if they do rarely wind up on it, a couple of quickie marriages should easily obscure any track of that past wrong. not so for men. like all of our 'just' laws, there are many ways for men to lose, just like in divorce court. getting falsely accused of any crime against a woman could easily land any man on that gov shared list of almost entirely men. even when a woman is found to have falsely accused a man/men of a sexual/violent crime, she seldom even gets a slap on the wrist.

this 'list' is no laughing matter for what statistically has to be thousands of innocent men wrongly accused.

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