Ex-WWE star assaulted by girlfriend, he gets investigated

Article here. Excerpt:

'Alberto Del Rio faces a police probe after the incident at an airport in the US state of Florida.

It's claimed that he and his "female companion" argued and then there was an altercation.

Police told TMZ that Del Rio was not arrested or charged but is under investigation.'


Paige Shared Her Side Of The Alberto Del Rio Airport Incident

'“Alberto didn’t want me to say [the] full story because he didn’t want people to know that I threw a drink on him. But the full story is:

“I had a phone call saying my uncle is in a bad way. I’m crying outside the restaurant. I go in, Alberto is hugging me. I’m a little sensitive and we start bickering about something so small. I say I’m leaving and he says something that I won’t write on here but it wasn’t nice and I, even though I shouldn’t have done it. I threw a drink in his face because I was so angry. Again. Shouldn’t have done it. It was in front of a lot of people.

“I walk out. He follows me a few seconds later and gets the cops and security, and a crazy lady decides to leave whatever she’s doing to follow us and invade our privacy in the completely low way only low life people would do.

“Anyways. It was ME who was being held for battery charges because I threw a drink on him. No. He never touched me and no I never hit him with a glass three times like the internet in all their glory is making out. It’s completely ridiculous how one story can spiral out of control. Oh and guess what internet. He smelt like beer BECAUSE I THREW A BEER ON HIM. Nothing more. Nothing less. No one got arrested. There’s no mug shots. There’s no charges. Nothing.

“The horrible, disgusting human being of a lady decided she wanted to make money out of our misfortune. I wish, WISH people would give us the privacy we deserve. I know we won’t get it. But I WISH that would happen.”'

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