Columbia Settles Sex-Discrimination Suit

Article here. Excerpt:

'The first time Paul Nungesser filed a lawsuit over the damage to his reputation from Columbia University’s handling of sexual-assault allegations, the school managed to get it tossed out of court. The second lawsuit filed by Nungesser, based on sex-based discrimination over his male gender even after having been exonerated, apparently hit closer to the mark. Columbia announced that it has settled the suit — and says it will now change its policies to prevent it from happening again:
It’s worth noting that this statement goes a little beyond the usual corporate “we admit nothing but just want to move on” message. As reported by the school’s newspaper, Columbia offers some recognition of fault in this complaint, suggesting that it has some responsibility for the damage done to Nungesser’s reputation from Emma Sulkowicz’ bizarre protest stunts and the national media attention it received. The promise to change its policies are the most significant of these admissions, which implies that the existing policies at the time contributed significantly to the damage.'

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I would have loved for this to go to court and for Nungessor to win bigtime. I dream that one day a college like Columbia University will have to pay the price for their mishandling of rape accusations...I dream of million dollar payouts, apologies and the news so big it is all over the TV and social media and all colleges are forced to change their policies and protect due process.

It may not have happened, but the out-of-court settlement slightly in Nungessor's favor, got us just a little closer.....I'll drink to that!

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