SJW ‘mom’ continues to publicly shame sons

Article here. Excerpt:

'Editors with Twitchy don’t typically write in the first person, but I’m sorry folks, I have to write this one in the first person because I have a son. A wonderful, amazing, funny, sensitive son who turned 10 a couple of weeks ago, and I’m afraid for him.

I’m afraid for all little boys growing up in a world where garbage like THIS is somehow a narrative a whole movement stands behind. That a mother could write such horrible filth about her own sons to push a hateful, awful narrative … that she could knowingly hurt him, hurts me.

Hurts all mothers.
Moms out there with sons, we have so much work to do to protect our boys and make sure they are safe in a world where this sort of hate speech is not only acceptable, but nurtured and supported.

Men are not inherently evil, they are not inherently dangerous and they are not LESS THAN. Equality is about being equal, not superior, and not shaming the other sex, and until third wave feminists figure this out, they’ll never really be equal.

And feminism tells us MEN are the problem. Shameful.'

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I really wish her sons well, it sound like they are rebelling from their mother and seeking out anti-feminist sites. I wish CPS would take notice of their mother's writings and put a stop to it, although I think her older sons are getting close to being 18 years of age.

Jody Allard was the subject of an OP here at MANN about 10 months ago.

Here are cut and paste (with a few edits) of my previous comments about Ms. Allard.....

Jody Allard says that she, herself was a subject of a Child Protective Service investigation, as an ex-husband accused her of Medical Child Abuse ("MCA" - which is similar to Munchausen Syndrome). It sounds like she was exonerated, but I am wondering if maybe she should be re-investigated. To me it sounds like she could have some sort of mental illness.

BTW - Ms Allard is a single mother to 7 children by three different husbands (all her children seem to have medical or emotional problems). In her writings she described each of her marriages as something she got in and out of quickly and sounds like she was not fully committed from the start.

She also has a lack of commitment when it comes to animals. In Washington State where she lives, there is a warning from an animal welfare group charging Ms. Allard with adopting about 20 animals in a short period, and then dumping them.

Here is a list of Jody Allard's other published work:

"I have to learn to care for my suicidal teen"
"My kids need trigger warnings"
"My daughter is a gift, her autism is not"
"I took my kids to the Ferguson protest"
"My adopted sister tried to kill me (repeatedly)"
"I'm a single mom of 7 and couldn't be happier"
"My DNA is keeping me hostage"
"I'm a rape survivor with a rape apologist son"
"My teenager is drinking and using drugs"
"The Controversial Child Abuse Epidemic Tearing Families Apart"

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