Senators Introduce Landmark Bill to Reform the Way Women Are Treated Behind Bars

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act would make a series of common-sense reforms to how the federal prison system treats incarcerated women in order to reduce the negative impact incarceration has on the family members of women behind bars, especially their children, and better prepare incarcerated women to return to their communities.

"For too long issues affecting women have been left out of the conversation about prison reform - that ends today," Senator Booker said. "A majority of women behind bars are mothers and nearly three-quarters have been the victims of trauma or abuse. We must take these circumstances into account when we place women in prison facilities. That means common-sense changes such as considering where an incarcerated mother's kids live when assigning a prison location, providing phone calls to home free of charge for primary caretakers, and banning the shackling and solitary confinement of pregnant women."

"The Dignity for Women Act starts to change our country's approach to helping women in prison. It's about living up to our nation's commitment that every person is treated with dignity and has a real opportunity to build a future," Senator Warren said. "This legislation will help ensure that incarcerated women have the tools, resources, and services they need to maintain and strengthen ties to their families and to go back into their communities with the skills they need to be successful."'

Also see: Booker: Incarcerated moms should be placed closer to their kids

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... could be said about incarcerated men, too. Only no one does because no one cares.

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Men are the sex it's okay to hurt and punish. It's okay to screw a man over in a divorce just because he's a man. It's okay to punish a man unfairly just because he's a man. It's okay for men on campus to be denied due process just because they're men. It's okay for a man to be denied a seat on the life boat. It's okay for a man to lose contact with his children because he goes to prison.

But it's not okay to do these things to women. Because women are so special.

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more equality in the law. it guarantees that all women and only women will be treated equally before the law. men really are 2nd class (or lower) citizens these days. lawyer congress-critters will approve anything that has the 'feminist' seal of approval on it. any doubt why congress' approval rating is right there below bank robbers and murderers? same principle, diff day. why would sane, honest people pick the biggest bunch of ill educated thieves to go to Washington to represent them? I will NEVER understand.

think about this: the 'Innocence Project' has freed hundreds of men falsely accused of terrible crimes. d.n.a. evidence, accidentally save from a different time, has freed most/many of them. lots of times the d.n.a. testing was fought by the d.a.s (lawyers) who put them away. many of these men, who have served a average time of 17 years, would have been freed decades earlier if they had only confessed. you don't oft hear of women getting 17 + year sentences for anything, including the murder of children. a LOT of the time they get a slap on the wrist for crimes men would spend decades in prison for committing.

sounds like something from another century doesn't it?

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This is something I've noticed too.

Men spend more time in prison for crimes they are innocent of, than women do for crimes they actually committed. Let that sink in.

It certainly is like something from another century. The punishments are as night and day as the punishments blacks would get for crimes against whites and vice-versa a couple hundred years ago. Truly sad.

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