Norway: Minister vows to protect circumcision after voting to ban it

Article here. Excerpt:

'The leader of Norway’s second-largest party said she would not advance prohibitions against non-medical circumcision of boys younger than 18 after she voted for a motion opposing the ritual.

Siv Jensen, the leader of the Progress Party — a coalition partner of the ruling Conservative Party — voted in favor of a motion opposing ritual circumcision during the annual party convention held June 6 north of Oslo.

Jensen, who is Norway’s finance minister, later said she had intended to vote against the motion, which passed with a comfortable majority, explaining the voting was “confusing.” She also said she “respects the will” of the majority of party members who voted in favor of the ban.

Yet during a meeting Monday in Oslo with a rabbi from Belgium and another rabbi from the Netherlands, Jensen said she would not advance prohibitions on the ritual.'

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Privilege Test

I've noticed that a good measure of how privileged a group is in society entails determining if this group's feelings are ever considered more important than another group's actual physical well being.

An obvious example is women vis-a-vis men. There are numerous instances in which women's feelings are considered more important than a man's actual physical well-being. Remember Clinton's quote "women are the primary victims of war. They lose their husbands, sons, and brothers." ? This is a prime example of what I'm referring to.

I have also noticed that religious groups get this privilege, especially when it comes to forced bodily alterations and abuse of children. Therefore, I do not consider Jews and muslims to be oppressed. If such was the case, there is no way their barbarism against children would be condoned in the west.

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