Woman impregnated by 11-year-old faces 14 more charges

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office arrested a 25-year-old woman they say became impregnated by a young boy in 2014.

Marissa Mowry of Port Richey and the victim were at a Hillsborough County residence in January 2014 when they had sexual intercourse that resulted in a pregnancy, according to officials.

At the time, Mowry was 22-years-old and the victim 11-years-old.

Mowry gave birth to a child in October 2014.

Officials said Mowry and victim continued with their sexual relationship multiple times while the victim was between the ages of 11 and 14-years-old.

After detectives completed their investigation they secured an arrest warrant. Mowry was arrested Tuesday afternoon without incident, charged with sexual battery and transported to the Hillsborough County Jail.'

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read last nite on a popular site about a guy accused of raping a girl under 17 y.o. (x-cop). he looked to be 20 ish. quickly unemployed. EVERY commenter wrote most harshly about this accused fellow. to be sure, the officials didn't talk about their 'sexual relationship'. heck, they didn't even use the term 'alleged' when referring to the accused. evidently they were looking forward to his future bunking w/ some fellow named bubba, and his friends.

the vitriol expressed was palpable.

well, if they treat this kid (above art.) like they do average guy, the c.s. would draw serious interest and assorted fees as he ever so slowly approaches 18, or whatever random age looks best to feminists. his arrest for $$ in arrears will make sure mommy controls all outcomes. it really is beginning to look like the 1/2 men have had the cool-aid injected directly into their blood streams for best effect.

if we can apply the 'average woman' criteria in the above referenced case, this poor soul was surely abused as a child, possibly raped while still in school, had an abusive, alkie father, and so forth. u can add to that the fact she now has a baby, which she will easily regain custody of once she finishes her short stint in a mental home while being evaluated and made to feel as a valuable part of society again. I think maybe even get her name on the s.o. registry for a short while. new hubby & name change will fix that. not that anybody looks hard at the few women consigned to the list.

all this brings to mind that the 'innocence project' has helped free well over 300 men falsely accused of some serious crimes. falsely accused and serving (last I heard) over 17 years (on avg.) before being freed, usually using new d.n.a. evidence accidentally saved. glad they had their sentences cut short like that. many were freed over the strong objections of d.a.s I might add.

I wonder if the 'men' on the jury start throwing things at the defendant guy on trial... will the judge even notice?

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