Taxpayer-Funded Professor: ‘White, Rich, Clueless’ Otto Warmbier ‘Got Exactly What He Deserved’

Article here. Excerpt:

'A professor at the University of Delaware has declared that Otto Warmbier was a “spoiled,” “white, rich, clueless” American college student who “got exactly what he deserved” when he recently ended up comatose and then dead at the age of 22 after serving part of a lengthy prison sentence in North Korea.

The taxpayer-funded professor, Katherine Dettwyler, made her comments on Wednesday on Facebook and in the comments section of a National Review article.
The 62-year-old anthropology professor — who is an expert on breastfeeding — was even more critical of Warmbier in her National Review comment.

“Otto is typical of the mindset of a lot of the young, white, rich, clueles [sic] males who come into my classes,” she wrote. “These are the same kids who cry about their grades, because they didn’t think they’d really have to read and study the material to get a good grade. They simple deserve a good grade for being who they are. Or instead of crying, they bluster and threaten their female professors.”

Dettwyler blames Warmbier’s parents for allowing their son to grow up “thinking he could get away with whatever he wanted.”

She also suggests that “young, white, rich, clueless white males routinely get away with raping women” in the United States.'

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Google the vile creature's name and you get a number of results. One reads:

Curriculum Vita Katherine Ann Dettwyler, Ph.D. June 2014. Home Address: [REDACTED] or ..." currently delivers a 404 error. Hmmm.

Well, the Google cache keeps everything for all eternity, including a link to her CV. A truism of the modern age.

I don't recommend visiting Kathy at her home. THAT would be bad, and I am serious. However dropping her an email is fine: and/or

Avoid calling her as much as you may want to. Finding her phone number is probably pretty easy to do but calling her is bad. I mean, what are you gonna do, leave a rambling angry message? Get in line. But an email box overflowing with "I read what you f*cking said there..." messages is far more impactful in today's day and age.

May I suggest you make free use of the word "vile" when you drop her a line.

UPDATE: Her Vileness has been sacked:

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I find it interesting how the people who claim that a young man deserves to be tortured to death simply for removing a piece of paper from a wall, are all too happy to come to the defense of females who do far more vile and violent things, especially women who do heinous violent acts against men.

So just to recap, men who tear down posters deserve torture and death.
Women who hurt others through actual malignant behavior like violence deserve understanding and rehabilitation.

The stupidity of misandrists and nymphotrophs really knows no bounds.

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My sincere sympathies go out to Otto's family. He did not deserve his awful death. I did watch a 20/20 special on him last night. Here's what I learned:

Otto was very popular in high school. He was an excellent student and good athlete, He graduated 2nd in his class for academic scores. After High school he went to college, I'm not really sure how he fit in his traveling with school, but he did do alot of world traveling and seemed focused on cultural expereriences rather than typical tourist attractions. At 20 years old he was in China, while there he came across a tour group offering 5 day tour in North Korea, The tour group had a video about thier North Korean tour which did not depict any dangers and they had a slogan about how they take you places "your mother doesn't want you to go." Otto signed up.

In North Korea, the tour group stayed in a high rise hotel where most international guests stay (Yanggakdo International Hotel). Guests were told to stay off the 5th floor. There was no 5th floor button on the elevator keypad as it is accessable only by unmarked stairways and hallways not permitted for guest use. This is a well known rule, as any American who has ever stayed at this hotel (journalists, American diplomats, etc) remembers getting this instruction. Some journalists have snuck onto the 5th floor and there are some Youtube videos of it, the 5th floor has many posters in the hallway praising North Korean dictatorship and anti-American messages.

On the 5th day of his tour, Otto and his tour group checked out of the hotel, went to the airport to board their plane back to China. As Otto was about to board the plane, he was tapped on the shoulder by security and told to come with them. he never boarded the plane and the tour group left without him.

He was charged with crimes that are very serious in North Korea. Whether he actually committed a crime is debatable. North Korea has a video of very poor quality that shows a lone man of about Otto's height and size on the 5th floor taking down a poster (face cannot be seen). Otto did "confess" to the crime in front of TV cameras, Some speculate it is a forced confession.

..And the rest is history..

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I feel bad for any males who had to take her class or who may end up in her class. I hope her employer does something about her. This type of attitude and behavior by a professor should not be tolerated, but unfortunately I see more and more examples of it.

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Professor Katherine Dettwyler is fired for her comments regarding Otto Warmbier:

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