Australia: BOSCAR data showing rise of domestic violence by women 'not giving the full picture'

Article here. Excerpt:

'The data obtained by PM, some as recent as March 2016, revealed an increase by around five per cent per year.

So are Australian women becoming more violent, or are the figures only part of the story?

Jackie Fitzgerald, spokeswoman for NSW BOSCAR, said the data showed that in 2007,within NSW, 15 per cent of people who were proceeded against for domestic violence assault were women.

"And that had risen to 19 per cent in 2016," she said.

And while men were four times more likely to be charged over domestic assaults, male offender rates had been largely stable or dipped slightly over the same period.

"And one thing we are also seeing with domestic violence is for males and females, there has been a step up in legal action for these incidents," Ms Fitzgerald said.'

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"But women were less likely to cause serious injury or be repeat offenders — reflected in the number of women jailed for domestic violence."

Actually, women are less likely to be sentenced for any crime vis-a-vis men, especially when the victim is male. Thus, this conclusion is pure speculation and opinion. In fact, they mentioned only 4% of female perps are jailed. This speaks volumes as to how ridiculous the double standards are for sentencing.

In this same article they also try to insinuate that women being likelier to use weapons for DV means that it's likely that they were just looking for a household item to use in self-defense. Again, pure speculation and opinion.

This is the sloppiest piece of so-called journalism I've seen in a while. Then again, I'd expect no less from the fembot ABC.

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