Australia: "Abortion laws 'forcing women to stay in violent relationships'"

Link here. Both sides of the abortion debate are hitching their carts to the taxpayer-subsidised domestic violence bandwagon. Excerpt:

'A sexual health physician who performs medical abortions in northern Queensland told the ABC she saw pregnancy being used as another method of control by domestic violence perpetrators.

Fearing legal and work-related repercussions, Karen (not her real name) requested anonymity.

"A woman may have a partner who becomes violent and becomes very possessive, and a way of expressing ownership over that woman is forced pregnancy," she said.

Anti-abortion agents say that doesn't happen — [they say] what happens is they're forced to have an abortion. I don't see that."

Children by Choice, a provider of financial support for abortion services, said about one-third of its work was with abused women.
Liesl Wharton, the director of domestic violence survivors' support group the RED HEART Campaign, said doctors also needed to keep an eye out for instances where they believed a woman was being forced to end a pregnancy.

"We also need to ensure that abortions are not forced upon women, also sterilisation operations are not forced upon women," she said.'

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Pro-lifers claim men are forcing women to get abortions. Pro-choicers are claiming men are forcing women to get pregnant. Notice at no time are women making any decisions and every time a man is involved, it's bad. Very bad.

Nymphotropism, in addition to encouraging the misrepresentation of reality, also encourages the removal of agency from women in the name of absolving them of any responsibility for actions otherwise considered distasteful, which in essence renders them less-than-adult and far from the powerful creatures the same people may on some other occasion claim them to be. This is the nutsery of nymphotropic thinking. It totally messes up your head-- just like pretty much any ideology based on falsehoods. But let that not dissuade, for cognitive dissonance is durned-near all-powerful. Entire nations, nay, even empires, have met their end due to its effects. Same $hit, different day.

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