Father's Day Pledge asks male figures in the community to commit to ending violence

Article here. Excerpt:

'Councilmember Adam McFadden and other local leaders hosted the 4th annual Father’s Day Pledge to end violence outside Rochester City Hall Saturday afternoon.

The pledge calls on fathers and men in the community to commit to changing the culture of violence in their relationships, homes and communities.

Councilmember McFadden led the ceremony, saying it’s important for men in the community to be conscious of how they act, especially in their homes.

"Violence in my mind is something that’s learned at home first, before it spills out into the community. So if we could teach the proper lessons in the home first, and make sure that we're using appropriate language, appropriate attitudes, and appropriate actions; we should be able to stem the violence that’s happening in our community."'

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... you wife-beating, child-abusing fuckers, you!!!"

Just sayin'.

Oh yeah and while we're at it, thank you for blowing hundreds of thousands of dollars on financing your wife's reproductive agenda at grave risk to your reputation and freedom, as well as sanity. Living with a Domocles Sword over your head like that must be tiring.

Still, you're a presumed wife-beater, child-abuser/-molester, and probably worship Satan.

Now get back to work and you better not forget your wedding anniversary, fucker. Your goddess-wife will be justified in dousing you in gas and lighting you on fire if you fail to produce a diamond necklace for her on the appointed day.

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Fathers and men are now members of a criminal class and so on their special day you tell them to quit being criminals.

Most fathers and men are not criminals, of course, but that's just the way we treat them. Cause that's who "we" are.

There's an old trick question about asking someone "Have you quit beating your wife?"

If you answer no, that means you're still beating your wife.

If you answer yes, that means you used to beat your wife.

I wonder how McFadden would answer the question.

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It never ceases to amaze me how there always has to be some a-hole out there hell-bent on smearing men and ruining father's day. Here's hoping that Walcott is treated as despicably today as he views other men. Happy father's day, you traitor!

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no wearing pink on 'father's day'?

why not? too obvious?

maybe next year.

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