Lawyer who took on UC-San Diego for unfair trial of accused student now goes after Berkeley

Article here. Excerpt:

'Two years ago, a defense lawyer beat the University of California-San Diego in court for denying due process to a student accused of sexual assault.

Though an appeals court later overturned the ruling, saying it “cannot conclude the process was unfair,” lawyer Mark Hathaway is trying again, this time against the university system’s flagship institution.

He’s representing a UC-Berkeley student who was suspended and physically blocked from campus for three years on the basis of insufficient evidence that “John Doe” took sexual advantage of an incapacitated female student last fall, according to the May 31 lawsuit.

It implies the university and Chancellor Nicholas Dirks are violating state law by failing to use properly licensed investigators in its sexual-assault adjudications.

“UC Berkeley places the entire responsibility for the investigation, prosecution, factfinding, and adjudication of sexual misconduct claims in the hands of a single individual who act as police, prosecutor, jury, and judge without a hearing,” the lawsuit reads.'

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