"The Supreme Court just made our ugly, messed up immigration law even uglier"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Sessions v. Morales-Santana is an unfortunate case, revealing that sometimes the Constitution demands truly harsh results.

The holding of Morales-Santana is that a federal citizenship law that gives preferential treatment to the children of unwed U.S. citizen mothers — and only to unwed mothers, not to unwed fathers — is unconstitutional. This is a natural conclusion from the Court’s previous decisions holding that gender discrimination must be viewed with skepticism.

But the practical consequence of Monday’s decision in Morales-Santana is that fewer children of U.S. citizens will themselves gain citizenship, and that more people will be subject to deportation. It also means that the individual at the heart of this case, Luis Ramón Morales-Santana, is now set to be deported to a nation he has not lived in since 1975.'

Also see Supreme Court Bars Favoring Mothers Over Fathers in Citizenship Case

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I love how the political left acts all oppressed whenever women are forced to adhere to the same standards as men. It really seems to come as a shock to them that society dare treat women the same as men in situations where it's clear--although they would never admit it--that men have been previously treated far less favorably. Someone get them a tiny violin and a pack of tissues.

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