Feminists and Social Justice Activists Call for Video Game Developer Censorship Blacklist

Article here. Excerpt:

'Thought policing is alive and well in the new media as social justice activists ramp up their crusade to silence and de-platform “wrongthinkers” from producing content within their medium, citing issues as nebulous as “cyberviolence” as reasons to censor those who oppose progressive ideology.

Following the explosion of outrage against an independent game developer who once expressed views critical of feminism in the video game industry, outrage warriors are now calling for the industry to enact strict rules against hiring and associating with developers whose views do not align with feminist orthodoxy. The target of their ire, Tim Soret, is producing a game called The Last Night, which went viral at E3 2017 after its reveal.
Essentially calling for a blacklist or the creation of a sort of “Games Code Authority” against developers guilty of “wrongthink”, Kramer and her supporters are outraged by game developers and products that do not partake in their crusade for “social justice.”

“I would urge those who want to see the world grow and progress to make sure they align themselves only with people who share those dreams,” wrote Kramer.'

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