UK: Cambridge Academics Told: Don’t Praise Students for ‘Male’ Attributes of Genius, Brilliance and Flair

Article here. Excerpt:

'Cambridge academics are being discouraged from praising students for their “genius”, “brilliance” or “flair” because these are seen as male qualities.

Tutors at the prestigious university are being told to drop the attributes as assessment criteria on the grounds that they alienate women and make it harder for them to succeed.

The policy is part of an overhaul of arts teaching at Cambridge, which also encompasses removing paintings of eminent male academics and stripping men’s work out of reading lists.

The strategy was outlined by Dr Lucy Delap, who is carrying out the program in Cambridge’s faculty of history.'

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living on past glory?

perhaps the phrase that best describes would be 'once prestigious university'.

replace the engine on a corvette w/ a vw engine and you no longer have a 'vette.
u have something much less.

had a party once in pc and we made some righteous punch. some nut job dropped a deuce in it and it instantly lost its appeal.

same thing is going on here. less than honorable lawmakers pass laws requiring designated victims groups get handouts throughout their lives. then society requires all to act as though the free $$, boosted grades, preferential hiring, social promotions and all the rest never mattered. sounds 2 me like pure evil has found a home.

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