UK: Oxford Plans To Let Students Take Exam At Home To Help Women Do Better

Article here. Excerpt:

'Oxford University plans to change its final exam policy in 2018 to help female students score better on their history exams.

The college’s History Faculty will make one of its five final exams a take home paper in order to boost female performance on exams after a study revealed that men are more likely to get a first class degree in history than women, the Telegraph reported Sunday.

Thirty-two percent of women will go on to gain a first class degree, compared to 37 percent of men who will do the same, the study showed.

“This course in particular showed one of the largest gender gaps in results between women and men,” a document said regarding the gender gap in Oxford’s History program. “As women and men perform more equally in submitted work, it was proposed that a take-out exam with questions similar to that in a timed exam should be implemented.”

Some have accused the university of insulting women by making the standards lower to accommodate them.'

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... if it affects women/girls adversely. Then no effort must be spared to address it!!

Other than that... meh.

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It makes me sad when I think that if society put half the effort into helping young boys read that they did into helping women in STEM and other male-dominated fields, many men would live much richer lives. I guarantee that fewer men would end up in jail, dead from doing dangerous work, or dead at their own hands if this was the case.

Unfortunately having a Y chromosome means being valued less than half the amount those without a Y chromosome are.

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