Feminists Claim Women Can ‘Relate’ to James Comey Because Men are Bad Bosses

Article here. Excerpt:

'Former FBI director James Comey may not have said anything politically groundbreaking in his testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday, but according to feminists, he struck a decisive blow for women everywhere.

W Magazine and Refinery 29 suggest Comey’s description of Trump as an overbearing boss hit home with every woman who has ever worked under a man, been sexually harassed by a man, or, for that matter, been sexually assaulted by a man.

Trump’s unexpected private dinner with Comey and, later, his suggestion to Comey that the FBI put aside their investigation into his former national security director Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, both “share commonalities” with the female workplace experience, under the heavy thumb of the Patriarchy.'

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A male senior gov't official in essence had some kind of falling out with his boss, POTUS, and decided to air in public. It didn't work out well for him, but whatever. The point is, this was two men with an issue between them that affected the news cycle for a brief period.

And somehow, feminists make it about women?

I put nothing past them. Seriously, nothing.

I've had bosses of both sexes. I have noticed no pattern at all of boss "goodness" or "badness" based on gender. Nothing at all. I've had some bad female bosses and bad male ones. Likewise on the good end of things. But this is just my experience.

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Just more feminists with their problem appropriation.

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