Canada: Feminist professor cautions against believing rape claims can be false after claim is shown to be false

Article here. Excerpt:

'Advocates are encouraging survivors of sexual assault not to be discouraged by reports of a false claim in Duncan.

Annalee Lepp, associate professor of women’s studies at the University of Victoria, said reports of false claims can have a chilling effect on survivors coming forward.

“When cases like this one in Duncan get a lot of press, I think it does have an effect,” Lepp said.

“There is a sense of, ‘OK, I have to assume I’m not going to be believed.’ So it does have an effect on people thinking about sexual assault and whether or not to come forward.”

Survivors already face many barriers to launching a formal report, she said.

That’s not lay blame on anyone in this case, including the 14-year-old girl at its centre, as police have given no details about what happened, she said.

The Cowichan Secondary student told police that on Thursday afternoon, she was grabbed by a stranger, pulled into a business on York Road and assaulted. She said she broke away, then reported the incident to school staff.

On Friday, North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP said the assault did not happen.

A 40-year-old man arrested after the allegation was released.
Janni Aragon, who teaches gender and politics and feminist theory as an adjunct associate professor in political science at UVic, said false rape and assault claims are very rare.

“When they happen, I cringe because folks use it as truth: ‘See, they exist,’ ” Aragon said in a message.'

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Back in the Dark Ages when universities, such as they were, were run by the Catholic Church, new findings, such as the world is in fact round and not flat, were probably delivered with a caution: don't let this new information make you question other things, like the Earth is the center of creation, etc. Indeed, while the Earth may appear to be round by all accounts, don't let that make you think it's not flat.

I can see it now.

We have it here, today, with feminist "scholars" like this one. Facts are facts except when they don't align with the feminist POV on things. Then they aren't actually facts. Double-think in action: forget the information that runs contrary to party doctrine, then forgot that you forgot it. Cognitive dissonance on steroids.

Are colleges salvagable? Not at the current prices, no. Something has to be cost effective enough to be worth saving. Maybe after a few of them start dropping their crazed price tags as people realize what a rip-off they are for most students, and stop trying to act like placaters of children and more like educators, then maybe they can be saved. But so long as people who are in it for nothing but pocket-lining are in charge, they are a lost cause indeed.

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