Canada: Transgender rights bill threatens 'female-born' women's spaces, activists say

Article here. Excerpt:

'Two feminists are warning the Senate's legal and constitutional affairs committee that passing the federal transgender rights bill could threaten the existence of exclusively "female-born" women's spaces, like rape crisis centres, a controversial argument that has ignited a debate over who should call themselves a woman.

"We are worried that this well-intentioned legislation will be used to undermine the rights of women and the crucial work of women's groups," Hilla Kerner, a collective member of the Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Shelter, told the Red Chamber committee studying Bill C-16.

"What we are saying is: If you were born a female, you are doomed. You are doomed in our society to be second-class. You do not have the privilege of growing as a male and have a choice to choose to be a woman. Surely, you cannot say these are the same thing."'

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Amazing. Feminists insist F2M trans men be accepted as men in any context. Yet M2F trans women, no. And asserting that places like rape crisis centers need to be exclusively female spaces denies that sexual assault happens to both men and M2F trans people. But further, they seem to be denying the right of M2F trans women to call themselves women and yet insist F2M trans men be called men. I have observed that ppl who are privileged rarely want to give up or share them with others. That's all I'm seeing here: privileged feminist women wanting women as a class to retain their privileged sex-segregated spaces exclusively for women as defined by their genitalia. In the same breath these feminists will argue for a gender-based definition of sexual identity in any other context. Utterly transparent.

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Women can't be special if men can also be special, just by claiming to be women.

Women and transgender women just can't get along.

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