False rape claims have made teaching 'like buying a lottery ticket' for men

Article here. Excerpt:

'A deputy head teacher who was falsely accused of rape claims the prospect of similar allegations has made the profession 'like buying a lottery ticket' for men.

In December 2014, having worked his way up to the deputy role at the prestigious St George's School in Ascot, aged just 35, Kato Harris was accused by a 14-year-old at his previous school of raping and sodomising her in his geography classroom.

According to one of her teachers, the girl was competing with a friend 'as to who could have the biggest story'.

He endured a 17-month ordeal during which he was publicly named, humiliated and dragged through the courts, an experience, he says, that left him suicidal.'

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... to be a teacher these days. Kids suck. I blame the parents.

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