Misogyny and Rape Culture in the State House?

Article here. Excerpt:

'There has been a lot of talk about alleged misogyny, and a systemic rape culture in the NH House of Representatives. As a sitting representative serving my second term, I have had a much, much different experience.

Many of the men at the State House have served their communities in other capacities. I am honored to serve with legislators from all walks of life. Some were teachers, firemen, policemen, doctors, and many have served our nation in the armed forces.

Attacking these men collectively is harmful to them, and their families. As a woman, I find these attacks vicious and without merit. I am always treated with respect by my colleagues. My opinion, not only matters, but is often sought out. Each of my votes holds equal value to the vote of every other individual in the State House.

You might ask why then, are a few women going to such great lengths in an effort to discredit them? I would suggest to you that it is in order to deflect from a situation that has arisen in regard to the conduct of a female democrat representative who is under an ethics review.'

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