Football Player Files $102 Million Lawsuit After College Expels Him for Sex Assault Hours Before Cops Cleared Him

Article here. Excerpt:

'In July 2016, Cameron Jackson was a football player for Liberty University. He was also accused of sexually assaulting a female student the previous August. In October 2016, Jackson was expelled from the school for violating policies related to sexual assault, hours before law enforcement officials told Jackson that a police investigation was complete and he would not be facing charges. Now Jackson is suing the school, university officials, and his accuser for defamation.

Jackson claims in a $102 million lawsuit viewed by that while he did have a sexual encounter with the female student, it was consensual. The lawsuit states that she herself was kicked out of school for violating the student conduct policy just weeks before she reported the incident. The school’s Conduct Review Committee determined that Jackson was in violation of their policy on sexual assault, and Jackson appealed. The school then sent out a press release of their decision, the lawsuit says, and the story appeared on “[e]very local radio station … the local newspaper, and several local radio stations,” before getting national attention due to coverage by the Associated Press. The complaint says that after the school issued its press release, and while Jackson’s appeal was still pending, other students harassed him on campus.'

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