Fake Statistics Created 'Rape Anxiety' Among Female Students

Article here. Excerpt:

'While a lot of digital ink has been spread on these pages regarding the negative impact of Title IX on men's due process rights, it is important to remember that rape is a horrific crime that happens to far too many women each year -- more than zero being far too many.

But the claim that massive numbers of women are sexually assaulted on college campuses is simply not true. And that false "one in four" figure is creating real anxiety in many college women:
If feminists care about women more than the "cause," perhaps they should be setting the record straight about the real level of danger out there.'

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I've oft referred to the crazy numbers feminists put out there as fem-math. the alleged stat about 1:4 women being victims of sexual assault on campus is so far out there it borders on insanity. if it were true can you imagine any woman signing up for college? if 1:4 people vacationing in Fla. were bitten by sharks the place would literally be deserted. same for any activity. guess when making false allegations comes w/ victim's benefits it all makes sense.

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