Boy Scout Leaders to Discuss Offering More Opportunities for Girls

Article here. Excerpt:

'Leaders of the Boy Scouts of America will take the first tentative steps Thursday toward considering whether to add more opportunities for girls in an organization that has been primarily for boys since it was founded 107 years ago, according to scouting officials.

The subject will be discussed at a meeting of chapter representatives and other leaders at the organization's headquarters in Irving, Texas, the officials said.
Girls are currently part of four scouting programs already: Venturing and Sea Scouting, which is oriented toward outdoor activities; Exploring, a career-oriented mentoring program; and STEM, which focuses on science and math.
Earlier this year, the National Organization for Women urged the Boy Scouts to admit girls into the entire program, supporting the efforts of a New York teenager, Sydney Ireland, to attain the rank of Eagle Scout, as her older brother did.
A spokesman for the Girl Scouts of the USA said it could not speculate on the decisions of another organization but said their single-gender environment for girls offers unique benefits.

"Research supports our premise that many girls learn best in an all-girl, girl-led, and girl-friendly environment where their specific interests and needs are met," said Andrea Bastiani Archibald, a psychologist who helps guide the Girl Scouts.'

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Accordimg to her, it had no affect on what or how well she learned. She does recall though how sexually frustrated her classmates were, however.

So if girls do sooo much better in an all-F environment, how come so many seem hell-bent in NOT being in one?

Is there a single boy trying to join the GSA anywhere in the US?

And why the hell aren't girl scouts satisfied to earn the Gold Award? I mean, what's the deal?


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There is some evidence that boys may learn better in an all male environment.

Of course, we can't let such a thing happen though. Something would hit the fan. Besides, when males get to bond, it's a breeding ground for toxic masculinity, amiright?

It never ceases to amaze me how society will condone an endless string of double standards just to please its female overlords.

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The Mormon church, the largest sponsor of Boy Scouts troops in the United States, announced Thursday it is pulling older teenagers from the organization as the religion takes a step toward developing its own global scouting-like program.

he Utah-based religion’s announcement means an estimated 130,000-180,000 teenagers ages 14-18 will no longer participate in Boy Scouts starting next year, a significant loss for the Boy Scouts of America. Younger Mormon boys will remain in Boy Scouts.

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