List alleging names of sexual assaulters appears in campus bathrooms

Article here. Excerpt:

'The names started appearing at the end of fall semester. Some lists had three names, others as many as 15 by the time they started cropping up in the middle of spring 2017. Students found them scrawled in black permanent marker in women’s bathroom stalls around campus.

An anonymous group, Brown Survivors Speak, claim that the people on the list committed sexual assault, and the group has made posts on its anonymous Facebook profile that suggest that the University has mishandled its role in sexual assault on campus. In a March 9 Facebook post, the group explained that it aims to empower survivors and “end sexual violence on campus.”
Brown Survivors Speak has come under scrutiny by some of those named on the list for the group’s inability to verify the legitimacy of names submitted through the form.
In March, a student’s name was “falsely submitted to the sexual assault outing form,” according to the March 9 post on the group’s Facebook page before the page was de-activated. The group apologized and wrote that the student’s name had been submitted by a “rape apologist,” or someone who defends rapists, and that the group had later “been made aware that (the student) could not have committed sexual violence on this campus.”'

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This act itself should be

This act itself should be categorized as a crime. It is sexual in nature so maybe sexual assault (although I am kind of against broadening the term), it is at least defamation of character since there has been no due process.

If men had a list in their bathroom about women who were "easy" or good at certain sex acts you can imagine the shit storm, not that it is really comparable, but anytime there is an assumption of women's sexual behavior, and they don't like the assumption, they claim they are victims.

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