William Shatner takes on feminists for dismissing misandry, promoting 'toxic masculinity'

Article here. Excerpt:

'William Shatner is under fire for offering some mild criticism of contemporary feminism.

"Feminism is great," he tweeted on Monday, "but terms like toxic masculinity are degrading. It borders on that imaginary concept to feminists: misandry."

For sharing that reasonable perspective, Shatner was hit with a 1,300-word rebuttal in The Mary Sue, and compared to "men's rights activists" in Mic.

"When Shatner brings up misandry as if it's in any way the same as misogyny and deserves the same level of scrutiny," The Mary Sue writer declared, "it's hugely ignorant, irresponsible, and sexist."

For his part, Shatner did not cave to the backlash. Instead, the actor doubled down in a series of tweets engaging with his detractors, insisting that misandry is a real phenomenon.'

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