University to pay $10K settlement to former student accused of sexual assault

Article here. Excerpt:

'San Diego State University has agreed to pay $10,000 and take other steps to settle a lawsuit filed by a former student who said he was suspended and wrongly accused of sexual assault.

Francisco Sousa was a 20-year-old foreign exchange student from Portugal when he was arrested by SDSU police Dec. 9, 2014, and charged with sexually assaulting and imprisoning a woman near campus.

About a dozen reports of sexual assaults had been reported in the area that semester, and there had been a heightened awareness of the problem across the nation.

Sousa denied the accusations and the charges were dropped in January 2015, but the school would not lift the suspension. He sued SDSU that April to demand information about the accusation against him, and his attorney believed that information could be used to expel Sousa.'

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Doesn't even cover bills. These 'settlements' need to be in the tens of millions to get unis to knock off their vileness.

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