Protesters in Detroit say male circumcision should also be outlawed

Article here. Excerpt:

'Jody Farrugia, 35, a registered nurse at the Detroit Medical Center, said she has long been opposed to circumcision and tries to talk new parents out of it, but nobody seems willing to listen. “I see the risks and harms daily. I always encourage mothers to keep their sons intact but they don’t think twice. They think it’s gross, they think it’s cleaner.”
Faruggia said circumcision can cause a certain number of health complications, including too much skin being taken off, which can lead to painful and tight erections as an adult. It can contribute to male erectile dysfunction and sometimes a jagged cut means repeating the surgery, she said.

She was holding a sign that said ‘Only quacks cut healthy children.’ She noted that her son has not been circumcised and he is healthy.'

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