Feminism Is Now Toxic

Article here. Excerpt:

'Proponents of the toxic masculinity theory have been successful on college campuses at spreading the message that young men carry a demon seed within them that only feminists know how to remove. Educational programs are aimed at telling half of the students they have a chromosomal, poisonous rage within them that must be expunged before it inevitably explodes and hurts someone. Many men who’ve never manifested any symptoms of this malaise are resentful that there’s an implied connection between themselves and savage men like Stephens.

Toxic masculinity doesn’t have a formal, academic definition. It’s more of a catch-all term that can be applied to anything that’s identified as male-related rage. It’s a concept that men’s advocacy groups have used to describe a single-mother family situation that might produce a mental image of exaggerated masculinity in boys. Now, feminists are using it to suggest all males were born with this “original sin.”
Men do commit most crimes, but most men aren’t criminals, so the toxic masculinity theory falls short as an explanation. Forcing it on college men isn’t going to stop any of these murders, although it does provide an opportunity for feminists to achieve power. While they’d never admit it, insisting every man has a toxic masculinity provides an opportunity to denigrate them. Teaching it to college students as if it’s established fact supported by research, rather than a trendy theory being pushed due to campus politics, is problematic as well.

Assigning a negative trait broadly across a gender is stereotyping, usually abhorred by liberals, but liberals are always willing to make exceptions to their creed when it suits their agenda. Try to imagine negative traits that some ascribe to females (watch reruns of the Real Housewives of New Jersey), labeling them toxic, and then lecturing 18-year-old women about them at a freshman orientation. Does anyone think that they’d react well to it, or that it would improve relations between the sexes?'

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there will be so few males in college as to make the whole matter moot. the free stuffers have stepped up to the trough w/ a vengeance. still, you don't see the stat's on how the women's studies grads are ever going to replace the stems in anything. of course, providing (required) affirmative action based acceptance, funding, grades, grants, title ix freebies, and on and on doesn't really help produce qualified replacements for the guys that put this economy in the winners bracket for a hundred years (or more). just like any well designed machine, putting in poorly designed replacement parts isn't really the same thing any more, is it?

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